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We are dental practice “Implants Prague”,

We are a team of experienced dentists with special interest in implantology and esthetic dentistry. We are situated near the Prague centre and offer an excellent treatment in aesthetic dentistry.

Our dentists, dental hygienists and assistants here endeavour to carry out treatments at the highest level in order to leave you satisfied. Our team also renders dental care fulfilling the international standard.

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Healthy teeth don’t just fulfil essential functions like chewing or biting, but they also fulfil an aesthetic function. Some factors that results in toothless outcomes include: Accidents, gum diseases, dental caries and tooth inflammations. A dental implant is an alternative solution as it attains all functions from the original tooth, not to mention it being a natural copy too. In comparison to the classical dental bridge, an implant will suffice so it is not necessary to grind the surrounding of the teeth.


Arrange your appointments the way it’s most convenient for you. We aim for the visit to our surgery not to become an uncomfortable experience for you, on the contrary, our team is very considerate when it comes to customer service. We prefer a more individual approach, in a calming environment to supply you with enjoyable treatments.


In much detail, we will introduce you to the aspects of the aesthetic treatments and inform you on the exact condition of your jaw. In building trust, it’s vital for the patient to have an open conversation with the dentist/dental hygienist and vice versa for the patient.


We provide our patients with all the documents for the insurance company. We also arrange a transfer from the airport and provide an interpreter for our clients if needed. In our dental surgery we guarantee comfortable and painless treatment to our patients. Put yourself in the hands of experts!


What’s a dental implant?

A dental implant is putting a fake replacement into the oral cavity instead of the original tooth. Nowadays, cylindrical titanium implantations with abutments are preferred instead of the Zygoma implantations although there are also Zirkonoxid dentures or implantations made of PEEK plastic.

Almost everyone is an eligible candidate for a dental implantation except for the patients with certain chronicle or systematical diseases e.g. diabetes or heavy smokers. This method isn’t recommended for children or teenagers until their bone growth is at its complete finish. The dentist decides whether or not a patient is suitable for dentures; on the basis of  x-ray results, computer tomography and other related facts.
Implants near the soft tissue
Implants near the jawbone


When it comes to the implantation, the whole surgical team participates. These include: the dentist, implantologist, dental technicians, dental hygienists and dental assisters. This is mostly carried out with a local anaesthetic, since this procedure can be comparable to acts such as: the pulling of the tooth.


It’s also possible to carry out the procedure with a sedative or just a general anaesthetic — though this is only done in rare cases. Díky anestézii je výkon vždy bezbolestný. Do kosti se zavede titanový váleček se závity, jež nahrazuje kořen zubu.


Thanks to the anaesthetic, this procedure is always pain-free. A titanium roller will be inserted into the bone to replace the dental root. The healing process will take place right after the completion of the tooth implant. Usually it takes two to three months for it to heal inside the mandible and four months for inside the upper jaw. After two months, a protective abutment will be screwed on and later the crown for the implant will be tightened also.

— FAQ —

Could I still proceed with getting a tooth implant if I am a heavy smoker?

It is possible for smokers to do so, but only under the conditions of reducing the specific amount of cigarette intakes per day, for the patient to be in a relatively healthy state. The patient will be informed about this and the possible risks including the healing process.

I'm allergic to metal, will this cause a problem for the implantation?

Worldwide, no titanium shows to be allergic so, there shouldn’t be a problem in your case. In the case of allergy being shown, the usage of non-metallic zirconium implants will suffice as a replacement.

Is having a bone supplement necessary? How severe is this procedure?

This treatment can also be described as an augmentation. If it is possible, we’ll try and avoid the augmentation but the results aren’t always satisfactory. If the needed abundance of bones is not present, it will be filled with a synthetical material e.g. granules or some type of block. The surgeon decides which material will be most needed. The bone extension is described as a vertical augmentation, so in case the bone is found not to be wide enough, the dentist then has to do a horizontal augmentation. The process of the augmentation will be done under local anaesthesia that is in any case, pain-free.

What is the age limit for an implant treatment?

The minimum age for an implant treatment is 18 years old, though there’s no maximum age determined for this treatment. Everything depends on the patient’s health condition, the use of medications and the jaw’s anatomical features.

— price list —

Straumann implant 27 600 Kč 1 150 €
Conelog implant 25 300 Kč 1 054 €
Neodent implant 17 800 Kč 741 €
Astra implant 18 000 Kč 736 €

Dental implant placement procedure

Sinus-lift augmentation 18 500 Kč 770 €
Bone augmentation before implantation (simple – without removing the bone block) 7 000 Kč 291 €
Augmentation material (0.5g) 2 000 Kč 83 €
Introduction of the seeding roller 1150 Kč 47 €



Ceramic crown for an implant – Straumann 18 500 Kč 770 €
Ceramic implant crown – Conelog 16 500 Kč 687 €
Ceramic crown for an implant – Neodent 16 500 Kč 687 €
Ceramic implant crown – Astra 16 500 Kč 687 €

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